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What happens when you don't clean your sofa?

What's the most-used room in your home? We'd put our money on your living room. It's also safe to say that furniture like your couch is the most-used item in your house — by not only you but also your guests.

Every time you and your guests sit on your couch, oils from your body, dirt, pollen and other particles from your clothes fall off and find a new home, in the fabric of your furniture.

Your upholstered furniture collects pet dander and dirt, among many other things, until it's overflowing.

When the sun is shining through the window just right, you can see the cloud of dust and more launching up into the air. That's because there's just nowhere else to go for those particles. The furniture fabrics are completely full of dead skin cells, dust, pollen, dirt, and more.

When you see these tiny particles in the air around your furniture, it's time for a cleaning. A deep cleaning.
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Avoid Allergies and Furniture Damage

When furniture goes without cleaning for more than 12 months, it can not only increase difficulty with allergies but can cause furniture damage as well.

Pollen can be trapped in your furniture year-round, resulting in a cloud of pollen in your living room every time you sit down.


Extend the life of your furniture

Additionally, the fabric on your furniture can get so bad without cleaning that the residue becomes intertwined within the fibers of the fabric—causing long-term damage.

Professional upholstery cleaning can save you money by extending the life of your furniture.

With safe and eco-friendly cleaning solutions, your professional cleaning provides a better home, a better smell, and better comfort for you and your guests.

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Our Upholstery Cleaning Process

Step 1: Vaccum
Your furniture has an abundance of particles and food crumbs hiding inside. Before doing any cleaning yourself, it's important to vacuum any larger particles and get them out of the way quickly. Other things like pollen and dirt will need cleaning supplies and elbow grease.

Step 2: Know Your Fabric
Cleaning tips always depend on the type of fabric that's on your upholstery furniture. Cleaning agents can damage certain fabrics if you're not careful.

We at Jones Carpet Care find out the exact type of fabric is on your furniture before using chemicals. For the best results, contact a professional. 

Step 3: Extract and Clean
If any stains on the furniture stick out, attack those first. Keep in mind that rough scrubbing is like taking sandpaper to your fabrics. Some upholstery may require extraction while others may require specialized cleaning solutions to restore the fibers back and remove dirt and grime. 

What are the benefits of upholstery cleaning services?

Step 1: Fewer Allergy Issues
Allergies can worsen over time. An environment of pollen and dirt constantly circulating in the area from a couch or other furniture can create an endless cycle of runny noses and itchy, watery eyes. 

Step 2: Safe for Kids and Pet
Water-based cleaning supplies and solutions keep the area safe for kids and pets after the cleaning is complete.

Step 3: Buy furniture Less Often
If you don't take care of your furniture, it can deteriorate at an exponential rate. For extended furniture life, keep your couch clean with a professional upholstery cleaning once every 6-12 months.

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