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Water Damage Restoration for your Carpet and Hard Surface Flooring

Burst pipes, poor drainage, clogged rain gutters, and sewer backups can lead to a flooded home or business. Carpet water damage leads to mold, mildew, a horrible odor, and other problems in your home. In most cases, getting your carpet back to its former condition will be difficult without the help of professionals.

The damaged carpeting, or hard surfaces, leads to mold growth that can grow rampant. The standing water in the fibers of the carpet creates the perfect environment for the mold to spread in your home. Professional water damage restoration will provide perfect mold remediation and water removal.

Trained professionals use advanced tools, including truck-mounted extraction equipment and commercial drying equipment, to save your carpet and prevent carpet mold. Depending on your provider, your insurance company may pay for the required restoration work. Calling a professional will get your carpet completely dry and back to the gorgeous flooring you intended.


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What We Do

Step 1:
We assess the Damage

Step 2:
We Mitigate

Step 3:
We Restore

Step 4:
We Return the customer's property back to a safe and sound environment


What is the best way to dry carpet?

The best way to dry flooded carpeting and hard surface flooring is to contact a professional to ensure the affected areas are completely dried according to the IICRC standards.

What do I do when I spill water on my carpet?

When you spill something, the liquid or residue from the spill sinks down into the fibers of the carpet. If you rub and scrub, you will push the tiny particles into the fibers.

Do not scrub! Soak up the residue with a towel or cloth to absorb the spill.

Do not use cleaning agents! Some cleaning agents will set the stain and it will become permanent.
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What do I do when I spill a lot of water on my carpet?

You should remove spills and water from your carpet as soon as possible. Mold will begin to build up and cause problems within 48 hours of the spill.

Just use a cloth to soak up the water. Avoid scrubbing the carpet. If you scrub, the fibers of the carpet will absorb the water.

What is carpet wicking?

Carpet wicking is when a spill reappears in the carpet after cleaning, but it can even take as long as after the carpet dries to reappear. After cleaning a spill, some of the liquid will absorb into the fibers of the carpet.

This is why it's important to contact a professionally trained carpet cleaning company to remove spills and soils from your carpets.

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